Five to Inspire

2nd July 2020
We have launched a new feature called ‘Five to Inspire’ – what will light the spark after our top five picks of things to watch, listen, read, do, and learn as a quote?


So whilst it’s not exactly a new release, some of our team were recently equally moved and blown away by the well-known Pixar animation, Inside Out. If you’ve not heard of it (really?) or seen it (now’s your chance) the film is an intelligent and mind-blowingly creative illustration of human emotion and ‘feelings’. From the literal ‘train of thought’ to ‘head-quarters’ and the realisation that we need elements of every emotion to live the richness of human experience, this film won’t only keep your small humans entertained, we guarantee it will inspire us big ones too.


Do you miss GCSE/O-level (catering for all age groups here) English Lit and deciphering the meaning of every line of Shakespeare? No, me neither, but sometimes we do like to enter long, rambling and slightly misguided discussions about our favourite pieces of music instead. The Dissect Podcast will ensure that you have something interesting to say next time one of these chats rolls around. Each series analyses an album in detail, one episode per track discussing everything from musical motifs to lyrical inspiration. The creators have so far analysed Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce’s oeuvres among others.


One of our most prominent adolescent shopping memories (we shopped a lot) is wandering past Lush on a Saturday afternoon and inhaling the concoction of scents wafting out from the shop floor. Even more exciting were the Lush birthday parties thrown by the cool girls at school- in hindsight these were just extended product demo sessions for a bunch of 14-year-old girls. But how have brands like Lush, which rely so heavily on the sensory experience, maintained their connections to their customers in lockdown? It turns out pretty easily, (or as easily as organising a high-profile brand partnership – so actually as many of us know, not so easily at all), by bringing the product sampling to them. Of course, this work couldn’t have happened without a COVID-19 twist, so we present to you the 30-second soap. The product, handed out in Deliveroo deliveries in Dubai, dissolves after 30 seconds, the amount of time you should spend washing your hands. As usual, Contagious summarises and analyses the thinking behind the activity pretty perfectly here.


This Kenzo advert remains one of our faves to this day, especially for the wacky choreography. If you fancy recreating this kind of vibe in your living room over the weekend (what else are ya gonna do?), we highly recommend Dance with Ryan Heffington. The LA-based choreographer and dance teacher is offering classes by donation on his IG LIVE every Saturday. If you can’t make it, you can also find a host of past classes on his IGTV. Go on, pop a zoom link around and do it in your PJs with some pals over screensharing.


“Keep your eye on the doughnut, not the hole” – David Lynch

So many doughnuts, so little time. David Lynch’s gem quote feels particularly appropriate at the moment when it’s tempting to let our attention be drawn to the myriad of ways in which the world is falling apart. What we take from it is to see what is in front of us- whether that be the ideas, the creative challenge or the birds singing outside our windows. In the context of self-doubt and impostor syndrome, seeing the doughnut reminds us that things have worked out before and they’ll work out again.