What they want to be known for:

Delivering long-term behaviour change via its psychology-backed programme.


We are tasked by Noom to overturn the perception of UK diet culture as faddy and restrictive. We were challenged to make their psychology-backed offering better known among a health-conscious consumer to increase consideration versus well-known traditional dieting platforms.


We have established a regular drumbeat of coverage, drawing on credible Noom health experts, psychology-based top tips, survey stats and success stories to secure hundreds of pieces of coverage across national and consumer lifestyle media, including: The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Mirror, Metro, MSN, Mail on Sunday

Noom has been featured in more than 50 pieces of coverage, including The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, Metro and Netdoctor. Sign ups have more than doubled in the last 12 months.


We secured a Mindfulness social series with Noom’s Chief Psychology Officer on Metro.co.uk. Coverage included four pieces of editorial and video content about mindful eating being shared on all of Metro’s social channels.


Our influencer content continually outperforms the engagement rate industry benchmark for Instagram (3.00%), with influencers such as yasminecamilla generating engagement rates of 20.90%.


Lifestyle influencers Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson created Instagram Story content which generating a combined reach of over 500,000, driving more than 1,800 clicks to the Noom website.