How to use PR and comms to scale your tech business

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The road to recovery from Covid-19 is in sight.

Throughout the last year of anxiety and separation, tech has helped us stay informed, stay in touch, and stay in control of our lives as best we could.

Technology now has a central role in every business, every social group, and our personal lives. Communities are built online, big moments can be shared and celebrated, and work can get done from anywhere on the planet.

As we begin to leave lockdown behind and the economy reopens, there are opportunities on the horizon for tech businesses willing to seize them.

Why you should focus on PR and comms in 2021

The UK tech sector has had a record investment of nearly £5.7 billion in the first months of 2021, showing there is a huge appetite for growing businesses.

How you talk about your brand over the remainder of the year could have a profound impact on whether your business climbs to new heights, or is left behind as new start-ups and competitors emerge from this influx of funding.

Read on for an overview of how you can start to build a successful PR and comms strategy, or download the full report for an in-depth look at the media landscape and how best to position your business for building awareness with the media, generating social engagement, and fuelling long-term growth.

How to create a PR and comms strategy that gets results

You want a PR plan that gets your brand featured in the top titles and online publications. But coverage alone isn’t enough, it needs to drive your key business objectives and help drive growth.

The key to this is making sure your comms build authority and trust.

While the world may be opening up again, buyers and investors remain cautious. The landscape is constantly changing, so you need to remain stable and agile, demonstrating your expertise, showing that your business is a safe bet and able to navigate market challenges.

When thinking about PR and comms, consider what you want to achieve, not just in terms of sales or downloads or sign ups, but also in terms of thought leadership, branding, and market positioning. What do you want to be known for? Are you speaking to the right audience? Are you landing the right message in the right way at the right time?

Consider your positioning

Tech businesses have provided the infrastructure and support to keep the world moving during lockdown. 38% of consumers perceive the tech industry more favourably now than they did at the start of the pandemic.

Much of that has come down to businesses evaluating their purpose, their mission, and ensuring everything they do, and every piece of comms they put out, highlights and reinforces their commitment to that mission.

Not only does this help communicate why you do what you do, but it can also galvanise and inspire your workforce as well as your audience.

Think about how your customers’ mindsets have changed

A year of lockdown has given everyone time to think, and many of us have re-evaluated what we want from our work, our personal life, and our relationship with technology.

People want transparency more than ever, especially from tech companies that may have access to our personal data, but businesses across all industries are taking a more human-led approach, ensuring that people are at the heart of every decision.

When it comes to your messaging, ask yourself if it is centred around an issue that effects your audience or customers. If your campaigns talk about a real-world issue, in a clear and simple way, they’ll resonate not just with journalists, but with the people you’re trying to reach.

Invest time into your content

As our route out of lockdown continues to ease and the economy reopens, there’s going to be a flood of content from tech brands and given that 20,000 of these were developed during the pandemic, there’s more content to deal with than ever before.

There’s more pressure than ever before to stand out, so how do you do that?

Put yourself in the place of your audience.

Podcast consumption has more than doubled on Spotify during the pandemic, but just because this media format is on the rise, doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon. Ensure your content is on the appropriate platform for your audience and tailored for that format to really see the benefits.

Whether it’s LinkedIn to catch the eye of potential investors, Tik Tok to grow your audience among Gen Z, or YouTube for more widespread exposure, your content should be hyper-specific to your audience, this includes the platform that its hosted on.

The days of recycling content across platforms are well and truly over, we go into more detail with content marketing for tech brands in our guide.

Nurture leads through consistent comms

The current climate has made buyers and investors harder to convince than ever. They need more evidence of success and demonstrations of your authority within the industry.

Consistent thought leadership pieces in relevant industry titles can help cement you as a serious player that is engaged beyond your business with a key opinion on wider market conditions and news, while at the same time helping move potential targets down the marketing funnel as their awareness of your business continues to grow.

There are record amounts of dry powder ready for investment in 2021. Ensuring you have the right comms strategy in place will help you get noticed and take your business to new heights in the coming rebound and recovery.

Following these steps can help your PR strategy evolve by landing media coverage, appearing in front of key audiences, and growing your businesses, all while ensuring you and your business are industry leaders in the eyes of potential investors and customers.

Download our tech growth report, or get in touch with us today to book a free discovery session that will look at your existing reputation, where you’d like to go, and what you want to be known for.

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