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Check out Eulogy’s five best things to see, do, read, and watch this week for creatives looking to be inspired.

DO: Outdoor swimming at Hampton Pool, in south-west London. If you’ve missed the pool and are desperate to work out those lockdown blues it’s time to get down for some lengths. While we can’t go to our normal pools for another few weeks Hampton’s awesome outdoor pool is available to try now. And given ex-Eulogite Chloe making front page news this week for some cold water swimming, it’s all the rage to be taking a dip this spring.

FOLLOW: Get your cycling fix with Katie Kookaburra, let her take you on some trips up north, we are talking gravel, road and some long distance cycling. It’s either going to be a moment of escapism or set to trigger you to jumping on a saddle and putting in the KMs.

READ: Jordan Peterson’s Beyond Order 12 More Rules for Life is a great follow on to the original book with 12 more rules for getting your life in order. A book that full of tips for working on yourself, just always remember the place to start is making your bed before you try and change the world.

WATCH: Watched everything on Netflix? Board of searching for a new series? Well here’s an old school one, which if you haven’t already watched, you should this weekend. The Marvellous Mrs Maisel is a period comedy drama set in New York in the 50s, which follows Upper West Side housewife Midge Maisel pursue a career in stand-up comedy. It’s nostalgic, retro, witty, upbeat, comforting, and downright funny. The perfect antidote to the crazy world we live in.

LISTEN: Influencer Oenone’s, Adulting podcast is another to add to the list. The series aim is to explore all the things that we never got taught in school, with Oenone hosting a new guest every week which discuss the three topics they wish they had known more about when they were younger. From philosophy to mental health, to money – the series explores a LOT of themes. The best bit about it is that you feel like you’re on that learning curve alongside the podcasters. The most recent episode hosts author Matt Haig and it’s a juicy episode. Get learning kids.

  • Sophie Paglierani,
    Senior Account Executive