An open letter on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

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Eulogy has, for a long time, been a place of diverse personalities, experiences, and opinions. Over our 24 years, we have welcomed what we felt was a broad range of people through our doors. But it was by luck, rather than design. That luck meant we had a gender diverse, intellectually progressive, and culturally liberal gang.

We supported LGBT+ rights and we hired people from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. So we had diversity nailed, right?

Well, no.

We didn’t do enough. Like other companies, we continued to recruit mainly in our own image. One that, it turned out, was predominantly white, middle class, and university educated.

So, not very diverse at all.

Then 2020 shone a light on the underlying horrors that had taken place over generations. We watched as police brutality in the US took centre stage again. Those events resonated in the UK, and what had been bubbling as an issue for many years was blown into real front page perspective by the inferno of last summer’s Black Lives Matters protests. From that erupted familiar questions and concerns around equality, diversity, representation, and social mobility.

As we at Eulogy attempted to shepherd our gang through a global pandemic, with a business strategy that sought to ride the wave of a downturn and anticipated crest of an upturn, we realised that the challenges the Black Lives Matter movement sought to address were not someone else’s problem. Diversity – in all its forms – was a part of the equality agenda we felt we supported yet hadn’t consistently come out to bat for. We needed to change that. We wanted Eulogy to be reflective of the society in which we operated, not the social circles in which we gathered.

What did we do to address diversity and inclusion?

Well, firstly, let’s talk about what we didn’t do.

We didn’t sign up to the latest industry initiatives. There were many. And all with good intentions. But I was adamant we didn’t sign up to a charter and badge ourselves as supporting the diversity agenda, without putting in the hard yards to ensure we had the right to say so.

We didn’t post about or promote our collective support for all things #BLM – not because we didn’t support that movement (and others); but because how hypocritical would it be to do that, all the while knowing we were a long way from having our own house in order?

Instead, we kept away from the bandwagon and focused keenly on what we do, how we do it, and why.

Here’s what we did do.

A self-selected working group from all levels within our agency began a root and branch review. From what we understood about diversity and inclusion (turns out we knew buzzwords but not enough beyond that), to our recruitment strategy, our learning and development programme, and our performance and appraisal system.

We also wanted to set ourselves up for success, not failure by omission. That meant ensuring we were searching in diverse places for our diverse gang; that we helped people see that our agency is made up of many different types and backgrounds, and therefore there really is a home for everyone. And even if you’re unique in our gang (isn’t everyone?), then that’s a position we want to celebrate and support, not ignore or become squeamish about.

And – crucially – we didn’t just focus internally. We have developed a code of conduct for all our suppliers. We’ve changed our terms and conditions for our client contracts to ensure we are clear on our expectations from everyone we work with, across the board and regardless of size and scope of business.

Our D&I positioning has been inspired by a client. They call it diversity, inclusion and belonging, and that felt more like Eulogy. That last word – belonging – is really what it’s all about, isn’t it? We want to create an environment where all people from all backgrounds and beliefs feel psychologically safe, culturally respected and intellectually supported.

And it’s about more than respect and equality. There are financial reasons to embrace a more diverse workforce. A recent Gartner study claimed that through 2022, 75% of organisations with a diverse and inclusive culture will exceed their financial targets. And McKinsey stated that the most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability. So, to those who question whether this ‘whole diversity thing’ is just a marketing gimmick, think again.

This process has taken time. We knew this year would be one of significant growth for us, and with growth comes change. That change has lit a fire under our DIB strategy, and we hit January 2021 with a renewed vigor just as the British economy and our industry sprang back to life.

Our growth has meant change for what we measure, too. Our DIB strategy is paying off, and we’re witnessing a sea of change across all our key metrics.

Creating lasting change within our agency

It hasn’t been easy, and there have been many moments where I’ve hung my self-regarded liberal head in shame. But, we’ve learnt a great deal along the way. Such as how we can take so much for granted; how when we think we understand someone’s struggles, we probably don’t. How diversity includes cognitive diversity as much as age, race, sexuality, and gender.

And, perhaps the most important learning of all, is that we are all learning.

We’re a long way from perfect. We have much still to understand and systems and processes to change. But now, our agency feels better equipped to make that happen. We’ve been able to do all this because of the collective energy within our gang to make tomorrow better.

Our latest addition to our brand values is perhaps keenly felt this month. We are proud. I have watched our business walk through the fire of the last 18 months – and if ever there was a phoenix moment, it is now. As we emerge with (somewhat alarming) speed into a new, vibrant, and growing economy, it is to our gang that I shout my heartfelt thanks. Our loyal, ambitious, brave, and honest gang, of which I am proud to say I belong. May we continue to hold a mirror to ourselves before we cast the spotlight on others. And may we continue to be brave, to call it like we see it, and to endeavor to surround our clients with a difference that will make the difference.

  • Elisabeth Field,
    Ambitious, experienced, and plain speaking. Our CEO embodies what the Eulogy gang is all about.


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Independent comms agency Eulogy has been appointed by high-growth technology company, LTK (rewardStyle &, the market creator and global leader of influencer commerce, as its retained UK agency partner, following a competitive pitch for an integrated consumer and B2B communications brief.

Eulogy will build awareness, drive consideration, and deliver advocacy across the company’s three-sided marketplace: Among leading brands and premium content creators, for which LTK drives growth and sales online through rewardStyle, and to UK consumers, for the award-winning shopping app.

LTK’s full-service Brand Platform, powered by rewardStyle technology, gives marketers access to the world’s most successful lifestyle influencer network for original content that converts against performance-driven, cross-channel KPIs.

Brands have invested US$1 billion in creator content through LTK since 2011, and the company has driven US$9 billion in sales in that time. More than 5,000 brands choose LTK to deliver their influencer programmes at scale. This year, LTK was named for a second time on Fast Company’s Most Innovative list.

LTK empowers more than 100,000 professional lifestyle creators from around the world, to run and grow their businesses. Creators can maximise their economic success and how they monetise their content by leveraging the company’s intuitive technology platform, strategic growth consulting, global brand partnerships, and through the LTK shopping app.

The LTK shopping app, launched in 2017, is a personalised shop for creators to merchandise original shoppable content for their followers and LTK’s millions of users. The app makes original influencer video and imagery instantly shoppable and is now the dominant source of influencer-driven retail sales, globally.

Eulogy’s brief includes implementing a cross-channel communications strategy that will enhance education and engagement for the business, profiling both the leadership team and the company’s decade-long legacy and expertise within the influencer commerce sector.

Amber Venz Box, President and Co-founder, said: “I’m thrilled to partner with Eulogy as we further strengthen our foothold in the UK among brands and creators, and seek to better connect local consumers with a world class creator shopping experience in the LTK shopping app. We’ve had incredible momentum in the U.S., the UK and globally in recent years and we’re excited about Eulogy’s strategic and creative approach to elevating high-growth US-born tech companies, and driving cultural alignment as we seek to further empower creators and brands in the UK market.”

Dave Murray, Managing Director, Europe, added: “We’ve been in the UK for nine years, and in that time we have built a competitive customer base of brands, creators and consumers. The UK is our European headquarters and, in LTK’s tenth anniversary year, we are investing in innovation to grow our creators’ success even further, deepening relationships and reaching new audiences. Eulogy’s experience, creativity and clear understanding of our business make them a strategic extension of our team and we look forward to partnering on the next stage of our journey as we continue to pioneer global Creator Commerce.”

Adrian Brady, Chairman and Founder, Eulogy, added: “LTK (rewardStyle and is the perfect fit for Eulogy. Intelligent, innovative, and energetic, with a passion for creating change in a demanding and growing market. Part of the next generation of tech unicorns, LTK has revolutionised how brands and creators partner for success in the creator economy, and the company has a proven track record of driving sales growth and ROI. We’re excited about how LTK is shaping how brands sell, empowering creators to business success, and changing how consumers shop online. It deserves to be known for its success here in the UK and globally.”

LTK (rewardStyle and is the latest addition to Eulogy’s growing service, which supports American-born brands looking to grow, or launch, in the UK, joining the likes of Noom, American Express, Headspace and Halo Top International.

About Eulogy

Eulogy is an independent comms agency based all over London (at the moment). It delivers strategic, creative brand building and marketing communications programmes across all channels, with key specialist sectors in food & drink; wellbeing; FMCG; technology; financial services; and professional services. Eulogy’s clients include American Express, Direct Line for Business, Halo Top, Noom, Virgin Media Business and Kantar, among others. More information is available at

About rewardStyle & LTK (

rewardStyle is the pioneer and global leader in influencer marketing, empowering a generation of over 100,000 hand-selected digital style influencers to achieve maximum economic success for their online content. In 2017, rewardStyle launched  the (LTK) shopping app, now the dominant source of influencer-driven retail sales, globally. Shoppers can browse images and videos featuring products from more than 5,000 retailers across fashion, home, beauty, fitness and family—all hand-picked, styled and curated by the thousands of influencers on the rewardStyle international platform. Over the last decade, rewardStyle has driven US$9B in sales to its retail partners, and in 2021, the company was named for a second time on Fast Company’s Most Innovative list. Since its launch, brands have invested more than $1 billion in influencer marketing on the LTK platform.

  • Richard Ware,
    Content marketing. Brand strategy. Business nous. It’s all in a day’s work for Rich.

Ripple Energy announced as winner of Eulogy’s Elevator 2021 Competition

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We’re proud to announce that Ripple Energy is the winner of our Elevator 2021 competition.

Now in its second year, Elevator is an annual competition enabling early-stage ventures to pitch for pro bono communications support, designed to move them from start-up to scale-up, whilst accelerating solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

What was Eulogy’s Elevator Competition:

The competition focus for 2021 was on early-stage technology companies spearheading the green economy and contributing to the ‘build back greener’ UK Government initiative.

Ripple Energy, a clean energy ownership platform enabling homes and businesses to part-own large-scale wind and solar farms to supply them with clean, low-cost electricity for the long term, impressed the judges with its innovative and disruptive model. It receives consultancy services to the equivalent of £30,000 over a six-month period, to help reach its growth goals.

Sarah Merrick, CEO, Ripple Energy, said: “We want the world to know about Ripple and with Eulogy’s help we can make it happen. We’re absolutely thrilled to have won the Elevator 2021 competition.”

The remaining four finalists, Furthr, Bide, ECODISCO and EcoTech Visions, each receive Eulogy’s bespoke Clarity service, a strategic consultancy workshop, which helps businesses identify a communications roadmap to growth.

  • Furthr: Its mission is to make the act of saving the planet wholly relatable and engaging through the creation of a monthly carbon offset subscription service tracking individuals’ carbon offset in relatable terms.
  • Bide: Through its innovate manufacturing platform, bide produces environmentally sound consumer services with the goal of simplifying the process of converting daily life into more sustainable behaviours.
  • ECODISCO: A sustainable nightlife consultancy, ECODISCO is motivated to support the long-term resilience of the nightlife economy by encouraging bars, clubs and venues to transition to sustainable and resilient habits.
  • EcoTech Visions: A B2B e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers to ethically source products and last mile delivery.

This year’s judging panel featured a diverse spectrum of the technology and communications industry, including

Will Miller, Marketing Director at Tech Nation

Will Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer at Forbes Ignite

Maja Pawinska Sims, Associate Editor, EMEA at Provoke Media

Lis Field, CEO of Eulogy

Adrian Brady, Chairman of Eulogy

Susie Dullard, Director of Purpose & Social Impact at Eulogy

James Steward, Director of Technology at Eulogy

Maja Pawinska Sims, Associate Editor EMEA at PRvoke Media said: “It was great to be part of the Elevator 2021 judging panel – Ripple Energy and the runners up in the competition have great initiatives and bright futures. Our industry plays a key role in supporting the growth of young businesses into the stars of tomorrow, and the power of communications support can make all the difference for early ventures.”

Will Miller, Marketing Director, Tech Nation, comments: “Tech Nation has a strong commitment to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs driving environmental and sustainable change. All of this year’s Elevator finalists were impressive and I look forward to seeing each one drive impact in the years to come, particularly at a time when green solutions are so critical to our future.”

Will Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer, Forbes Ignite, adds: “Eulogy’s Elevator competition is a great initiative, and it was an honour to meet the amazing finalists, all of which demonstrated remarkable ingenuity and promise. I am lucky enough to meet many disruptive companies as part of our social innovation work at Forbes Ignite and I can see the entrepreneurs behind these companies making a real difference in the world. I congratulate them all and look forward to supporting the winner through our community.”

Elisabeth Field, CEO, Eulogy, said; “We saw a huge level of talent and innovative thinking from this years’ Elevator applicants. At a time in which the climate crisis is front and centre, it was inspiring to hear from these five businesses who are all striving to make a real and impactful change on the world. As a business, we’re looking forward to working with Ripple Energy and supporting the finalists in their bid to drive positive change for a greener future.”

The competition forms part of the agency’s wider commitment to supporting green technology, social innovation and cause-led business and builds on its existing work with the likes of Roche, Headspace, In2scienceUK and Virgin Media Business.

To find out more about this year’s winner, Ripple Energy, see here.

  • Lee Johnston,

A new era for The Headliner

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This week, we relaunched The Headliner, Eulogy’s agency podcast that we have been producing for four years.

We’ve brought it back bigger and better than ever, and we have ambitious plans for it. It looks at all areas of the news, communications, marketing, and the forces that shape culture.

When we launched the Headliner podcast in 2016, we had little idea of what a Eulogy institution it would become.

It stemmed from our reaction to the cancellation of BBC Radio 4’s News Review – a summary of the week that had run since the 1960s. As a huge fan, I was gutted to lose this entertaining look at the news – and I wasn’t the only one

We thought: why not do it ourselves? As a bunch of news junkies – who loved all aspects of the media whether good, bad, or ugly – it was right up our street.

So, huddled in a magazine storage closet in our old Baker’s Yard office, we created a podcast series that explored the news with an attempt at intelligence and humour. Each week, colleagues would bring forward their “unavoidables” and “picks of the week” to dissect and discuss.

The Headliner was the first regular podcast created by a UK communications agency, and we made sure it was demonstrating the range of expertise within our gang. From senior directors to account executives, each used their different knowledge across social and digital media, PR and paid.

What began as a tangle with an emerging brand platform, quickly became a beast of its own. The Headliner amassed thousands of regular listeners across the world, from the US to Hong Kong (and the loyal family in NZ), as we debated the events shaping our world.

How we evolved Eulogy’s Headliner podcast

We improved production

Whether Brexit or Trump, the climate crisis or the survival of UK news brands, #MeToo, or Black Lives Matter, I have been proud to listen to our gang take on the huge issues of the day in their stride – all while passing on practical and actionable communications advice for brands and businesses.

And it quickly turned into an important Eulogy product. So much so, that we built a dedicated, sound-proofed podcast studio as we moved to our Sutton Yard office.

Over the years, our studio has been graced by a number of guests from the world of business and brand: the Federation of Small Business (FSB) and the Confederation of Business Industry (CBI) discussing UK productivity, Hitachi Europe and Microsoft discussing the tech sector’s reputation challenges, Rude Health and Neat Nutrition on the wellbeing market. All of whom, contributed to our enriching documentary podcasts such as Making the Headlines: The Shape We’re In, and one-off episodes such as our London Tech Week Special.

Neat Nutrition co-founder Charlie Turner on Making the Headlines

Neat Nutrition co-founder Charlie Turner on Making the Headlines

None of that would have happened without the passion in our team for the power of audio.

We adapted to remote recording

When Covid-19 deprived us of our studio, we adapted.

The Headliner went remote, with Eulogites calling in from home to contribute. We reacted to the changing world around us. We examined the UK Government’s response to the pandemic, the role of news in the crisis, and the ways in which our altered lives impacted media – from social media and gaming, through to the use of creativity and the responsibility of brands to deliver genuine social impact.

The Headliner goes remote
The Headliner goes remote

And what we learnt from this remote production process allowed us to continue producing excellent audio for our clients. The recent Ekimetrics podcast, The New Economics of Grocery, was produced, recorded, and edited completely remotely by us, without sacrificing on quality. We’ve created podcasts for clients based on the other side of the world. Scripting, recording, editing and promoting them all over the airwaves.

Eulogy has evolved since the first Headliner episode. We’ve launched new services, welcomed new team members, and expanded our vision for how we help brands and businesses be known. It was time for the Headliner to reflect this evolution, and to demonstrate what we wanted to be known for.

We’re launching a new format

A new era for The Headliner
A new era for The Headliner

Regular listeners will have noticed that The Headliner has been on a break from the airwaves over the summer. But behind the scenes, the team has been working hard to transform it into a bigger and better show. We’ve changed the format from a roundtable discussion to a feature-led magazine show.

Each episode will contain two regular features. The Conversation will be a lively roundtable chat on a contemporary issue, letting us carry on the vigorous debate of our old series. The Dive, meanwhile, will be a forensic look at a key marketing and communications function.

Joining these is a rotating final feature that sees us explore more of our gang’s areas of expertise – from rising cultural trends to shifts in consumer behaviour.

We’ll be welcoming a host of guests from the brands and businesses shaping their industries, while continuing to give a platform on which our Eulogy colleagues can shine.

For the relaunch episode, it was wonderful to welcome friend of the agency, Nigel Clarkson, global chief revenue officer at Hivestack. I love being able to chat about the world of media with a fellow obsessive, especially one so plugged in to the industry as he is. We could have chatted for hours (we may have off air), so hopefully he’ll pay us another visit soon.

There’s also an important and timely segment on finding the right tone of voice for your brand, featuring Shannon, Kevan and Beth, the team behind our Season’s Eatings: Christmas 2020 Food and Drink Report. Finally, Rich and Jonny delve into the changing relationship we’ve all had with our local communities during 2020, and how the shared and individual experiences we’ve had are shaping the actions of businesses, brands and organisations.

Take a listen here. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Headliner on your podcast channel of choice.

And if you have thoughts on what you’d like us to discuss on the next one, send them our way.

Lis Field, Eulogy CEO

  • Elisabeth Field,
    Ambitious, experienced, and plain speaking. Our CEO embodies what the Eulogy gang is all about.