Capturing the magic of the silver screen

Paramount Home Entertainment

From talent junkets with the likes of Academy Award-winning director Scott Farrar to stunts with key retailers, we worked with Paramount Home Entertainment to launch a broad range of top DVD releases including True Grit, Transformers 4, Rango, Like Crazy, Young Adult, The Adventures of Tintin and TV series including Star Trek, Dexter, South Park and The Good Wife.

We weren’t hired to be normal, and thank goodness. Our three years together saw us turn a Tesco lorry into a Transformer; trot a cowboy into Sainsbury’s (atop a horse, naturally) to pick up the first copy of True Grit and march Rango characters – complete with Mariachi band – on a busking tour of London (stopping off for a special visit to the Empire magazine team.)

As well as a hard-working reviews and pre-order operation, we were always looking for creative ways to lift the film launches out of the reviews sections and into the news and lifestyle pages.

Successful techniques for getting journalists unchained from their desks included: a Star Trek pub quiz complete with Klingons; cowboy workshops for True Grit, taxidermy masterclasses for Dinner for Schmucks (watch it, you’ll understand) and a Tintin Twitter watch-a-long with the film’s director, Edgar Wright.

The media grabbed the popcorn. And we loved every minute.