The Headliner podcast: Towel tugging, robot loving and always fashion-forward

7th July 2017

Towel tugging, robot loving and always fashion-forward

Pass the strawberries and cream, it’s Wimbledon season. The world’s tennis elite have gathered in South London to compete and brands are eager to get in on the action, with tennis themed specials and guerrilla marketing. But are bikini clad ladies a savvy stunt or a way of getting attention that is well past its best before date? Also, what villain tugged the towel away from the child tennis fan?

It’s a tough time to be a reporter this week. Brexiteers accused the BBC of a pro remain bias this week and Trump has been accused of inciting violence against the media. If unconscious bias affects us all, how can journalists ever be truly impartial?

North Korea fired an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which went faster and further than ever before and upped international tensions, with speculation from Western experts that North Korean missiles could now reach Alaska. North Korea claimed it could reach anywhere in the world. These are challenging times; how will the world react to Kim Jong-un’s extended reach?

The Foundation for Responsible Robotics has said sex robots could soon be used to help the elderly and the lonely. But pleasure bots raise some tricky questions. Is this the beginning of the end of human relationships? Do we need legislation to protect us from what could quickly become a very unhealthy relationship with machines?

It’s Pride and London is awash with colour in preparation for this year’s LGBT parade. Brands are proudly showing their rainbow colours, but do you really want to eat a pink glittery burger?

Are Hairy Leggings fashion forward? Or a fashion faux pax? One London-based retailer is convinced they are the next must have wardrobe item. They will certainly make you stand out, but could the same look be achieved by simply forgoing the razor?