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9th March 2017

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Facebook fails, Murdoch sidles up to Sky and we salivate about all the pies
Facebook demonstrated just how not to handle a media enquiry this week, when the social media giant responded to the BBC, flagging sexualised images of children on the site, by reporting the journalists to the police. The reaction by the Commons media committee and NSPC has been suitably scathing.

Meanwhile in Switzerland petrol heads got a lung full of the future at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show. You can put your hands behind your head and breathe deep as the next generation of motor vehicles is not only clean but also self driving.

Back in Britain, the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s budget will likely provide extra money for new free schools in England, which could include grammars, but the announcement has been met with some hostility.  Titles including the Sun and Mirror see it as a return two tier education system.

Rupert Murdoch, a man not easily deterred, is bidding again to take over Sky. However Labour MP and shadow culture Secretary Tom Watson is having none of it, insisting that Ofcom consider corporate governance failures at Murdoch’s media empire.

London’s new black cab is secretly being tested in the Arctic Circle, but can the iconic taxi keep pace with the polar bears? Or is this “almost a zero-emissions vehicle” on thin ice?

Finally it is British Pie Week and with much lip smacking we get our chops around the nation’s favourite pies.

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