The Headliner podcast - 09/02/17

9th February 2017

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David Beckham’s email embarrassment, Commons speaker Bercow picks a fight with Trump and Kylie M puts Kylie J in her place – The Headliner podcast episode 21
Allegedly David Beckham really wants a Knighthood and is fuming he hasn’t yet got one. Golden Balls was left red-faced after a hack saw his private email rants go public. But will this controversy damage the globally successful Beckham brand? Or should Becks have been given the Royal nod from Liz long ago?

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow caused controversy when he made his feelings about Trump public. If the Speaker has his way, the US President will not address the House when he visits the UK. But was Bercrow speaking for Britain, or talking out of turn?

We also talk tech this week, as an Orwellian turn of events saw 11 million smart TV’s secretly spy on viewers. American TV manufacturer, Vizio, got a slap on the wrists to the tune of $2.2 million after it was revealed they had been watching their customers’ viewing habits without warning. A gross invasion of privacy or simply the price we pay for better and more personalised TV recommendations?

Closer to home, a new report by think tank Reform found 250,000 public sector jobs are at risk to robots. Is the rise of the robo-employee inevitable, or is the media playing on our fears by making an android mountain out of a toaster sized molehill?

Finally, pop princess Kylie M took down reality TV star Kylie J in court. Who springs to mind when you hear the name Kylie will depend on your age and location. But the right to trade under the Kylie brand is an immensely valuable business outcome. She famously sang ‘I should be so lucky’, but we reckon this victory was more lawyers than luck.

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