The Headliner podcast: Be careful, listeners. David Moyes might give you a slap

6th April 2017
Be careful, listeners. David Moyes might give you a slap

It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to say at the end of an interview, that next time you might give the journalist a slap. Nothing at all wrong with that, nothing threatening, aggressive, or totally out of line, red-card-worthy, offside, or just plain whack-a-doodle. Nope, that’s just a very normal way to end an interview.

In other news…

Theresa May is visiting Saudi Arabia for talks with their government. Will she wear a headscarf? Or will she do a Michelle Obama and let her luscious locks fly free in the face of Foreign Office recommendations that women cover their hair?

Apple has pulled out of its partnership with Imagination Technologies, dealing out a potentially fatal blow. Which goes to show that you don’t get to be a tech colossus without cultivating a killer ruthless streak.

Finally… the Italians may have invented it but, for one British pizza chain, that’s no reason not to show them how to make better. This week Franco Manco announced plans to open a restaurant in Italy. It may seem counter-intuitive, but with 33 UK restaurants already there is clearly something right about their recipe.

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