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3rd March 2017

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The Oscars fluff up, Sir Philip Green coughs up and Uber’s CEO slips up
It will go down as one of the most memorable and cringe-worthy mistakes of all time. The Oscar for best picture goes to.. La La Land, sorry I mean Moonlight. But for some quick-witted brands, this mistake was a ripe opportunity to hijack the news.

Nearly a year after the collapse of BHS Sir Philip Green has put his hand in his pocket and announced he will contribute £363 to the pension fund. While this is great news for former BHS staff, the coverage has been cynical questioning whether this just a ploy to hang to his knighthood.

The press has been giving Uber a bumpy ride of late. Seemingly not a week goes by without the company becoming embroiled in some fresh crisis. The latest is a video of the CEO ranting at an Uber driver. Can Uber’s issues be fixed with a quick tune up, or there something seriously wrong under the bonnet?

Flipping heck, this week was Pancake day and whether you like yours done in the traditional style with sugar and lemon, or you jumped on the trend for supped up pancake suppers, as restaurants got in on the action the results were lip-smackingly good.

Sniff it and see – advice to live by according to Wrap a campaign group trying to reduce food waste. Are you a slave to best before dates, or do you scoff in the face of moldy cheese? With 100,000 million pints of milk going down the drain each year we all need to sniff it before we bin it.

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