The Headliner podcast - 03/02/17

3rd February 2017

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“Trump vs planes, trains vs travellers, tradition vs Dr. Who, and must-sniff whiffs – The Headliner news podcast episode 20”

This week we talk travel. Rail fares got simpler but getting into the US got more complicated for some. The overhaul of Britain’s rail fares should mean less confusion at the ticket machine and will hopefully be good news for long-suffering passengers – but is all really as it appears? Meanwhile, across the pond, Trump’s rushed-in travel ban has sparked fury and protests. Brands have been quick to make their feelings on the divisive policy known. But will wading into politics give them personality or alienate customers who feel differently?

Somewhere else in time and a relative dimension, it was announced that Peter Capaldi’s days as Dr Who are numbered. The papers are rife with speculation of who will be the next Time Lord and whether or not after 12 Lords audiences are finally ready for a Time Lady.

Back on Earth, two of the big six energy companies have said they are considering rewarding loyal customers. Those on the higher standard tariff could receive perks such as a free boiler service. Can new loyalty schemes make us feel warm and fuzzy towards our energy providers? Or is it not enough to change the temperature of our relationship?

This podcast is strategic, creative, specialised and passionate. But so it seems is everyone else. LinkedIn has revealed the 10 most overused marketing buzzwords on CVs. Just how many are on your CV? Finally a bucket list for your nostrils, 21 scents to smell before you die. From jasmine in Grasse to maple syrup in NYC and Durian fruit in Bangkok. We assault your senses with the most distinctive scents from around the world.

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