The Headliner Westminster: the long view

24th March 2017

How do shock events like the Westminster terror attack impact communications and journalism? This special podcast of The Headliner looks back at the day and how the media reported on it thereafter.

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Avid listeners will have noticed that The Headliner wasn’t broadcast last week. Having recorded the podcast on Wednesday morning, we were at that point blissfully ignorant of the events that would play out that day.

As the news of a suspected terror attack on the Palace of Westminster unfolded, we, like many of our fellow Londoners, gathered round our television screens in shock. We decided to pull our existing podcast, and instead wait a few days to see how the world reacted.

Scot Devine and Lis Field join our anchor, Chloe, to discuss the impact both on the media itself and those who work with it.

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