The Headliner podcast: Kim K hits the beach,Tom Hardy gives chase, Serena lashes out and convicts break bread

28th April 2017

Kim K hits the beach, Tom Hardy gives chase, Serena lashes out and convicts break bread

Kim K, was photographed by paparazzi in Mexico in an itty bitty bikini, but horror of horrors she has cellulite. Piers Morgan look away now, we know it’s just too shocking to be believed. Kim may be a social media mega star with a supreme amount of junk in her trunk, but there are definite dimples on her assets. The big questions is: who cares?

Serena Williams has called IIie Nastase’s nasty comments about her unborn child ‘racist’. With comments so clearly out of bounds the International Tennis Federation has launched an investigation into the Romanian tennis captain. Why did the former men’s world No. 1 think it was appropriate to speculate on William’s child?

From playing a fictional hero, film hunk Tom Hardy has become a real life one by chasing down a moped thief while filming in London. The muscle-bound star proved that all those hours getting into shape for camera have not been wasted on mere blockbuster entertainment.

Has wacky packaging or ‘wackaging’ gone too far? Founder of the Leon fast-food restaurants is adamant it has, calling it “unbelievably irritating and infantile.” But do consumers enjoy a fun pun? Or is it truly what’s inside that matters?

Outgoing head of UCAS has said students shouldn’t worry about getting a job for six months after graduating. However, her comments didn’t chime with many who pointed to scarcity of graduate jobs and need to repay student loans. Even well meaning advice, as the adage goes, can be ill received.

Greggs, the high street baker, has been shortlisted for a Responsible Business Award following its inclusive policy of hiring former convicts. So next time you tuck into a pasty, not only can you enjoy its tasty pastry goodness, but feel morally satisfied as well. Nice one Greggs!

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