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26th January 2017

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Snapchat cleans up, clean eating turns dirty, and women’s work wear turns nasty – The Headliner podcast episode 19

It is the social media platform of choice for centennials, where delete is the default but with more than 100 million daily users Snapchat is big business. Ahead of what could be the year’s biggest IPO, Snapchat is cleaning up its act to boost advertising revenues and drive its perceived value to the limit. In a bid to show just how grown up it is and attract new advertising revenue Snapchat has announced it will be cracking down on racy content and fake news. Can the ephemeral social media site keep it users engaged while courting investors?

Quit the kale smoothie and calm it with the quinoa, the “clean eating” fad has turned toxic. In pursuit of healthier lives and svelte figures, many of us got on 2016’s hottest dietary bandwagon. Despite the hunger pangs and cravings, we followed so-called new food gurus such as Ella Mills (aka Deliciously Ella) and the Hemsley sisters. But following concerns the restrictive diet legitimated eating disorders, is this food fad now passé? Will 2017 be the year we swap the spiralizer for the rainbow sprinkle?

The woman’s work wardrobe was the subject of a joint Committee report – High heels and workplace dress codes, which found that unscrupulous employers are forcing force female employees to wear revealing dresses and reapply makeup in the workplace. While most commentators found this to be unacceptable and depressing, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to defend the rights of employers to insist women wear high heels. After all, he argued wearing heels is no more uncomfortable than wearing a suit. Right?

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