The Headliner podcast - 24/02/17

24th February 2017

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It’s the Oscars countdown, TV judges get tetchy about Piers Morgan and Wayne Shaw tucks into a pie

With only a few days to go until the Oscars and the annual rolling out of the red carpet, we look forward to the glitz and the glamour, and wonder which brands will have the most quick-footed creativity to capitalise on this year’s star-studded affair.

Closer to home, Piers Morgan has pulled out of presenting the Royal Television Society awards after some of the judges took umbrage with his support for a certain Mr. T. His detractors claim he failed to understand a social movement that values equality and diversity of voice. Is the tide turning against professional opinion givers who would say just about anything to garner headlines? Or is this incident just a luvvie’s spat?

For years football terraces around the country have posited in unison one of life’s greatest questions: “who ate all the pies?”. The answer it seems is Wayne Shaw, former reserve goalkeeper for Sutton. His footballing career may be over after a PR stunt gone wrong, but other pie based opportunities abound. If you’d rather tuck into something sweet, why not indulge in the latest food trend – the chocolate crumpet, slathered in maple butter it’s the perfect antidote to 2016 fad for clean eating.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keida have lost their appeal to enter into a civil partnership. Should they shut up and put a ring on it? Or now more than ever do we need crusaders willing to stand up for what they believe in?

10,000 steps a day? Too much? Not enough? The only thing we love more than a fitness fad is debunking a fitness fad.

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