The Headliner podcast: Theresa turns, Harry speaks up about mental health and the Sun newspaper gets a red card from Everton

20th April 2017

Theresa turns, Harry speaks up about mental health and the Sun newspaper gets a red card from Everton

After months of insisting there wouldn’t be a general election until 2020, on Tuesday, Theresa May changed her mind. Hold on to your hats people, the UK is going to the vote in the fourth major poll in four years! The excitement was just too much for Brenda from Bristol who summed up what many people were feeling when she told a BBC reporter “You’re joking? Not another one!”

Meanwhile North Korea heightened global stress levels when it announced it will test missiles weekly, despite – or perhaps because of – growing tensions with the US. It’s a disturbing situation that urgently needs some swift diplomacy.

Back in Blighty and Prince Harry was the source of some much needed positive news. The heir to the throne gave a frank interview to the Daily Telegraph about his struggle with grief and decision to get counselling. Thus proving that mental health issues can affect anyone and helping to break down the barriers that stop people talking about their struggles. Nice one Harry!

In tech land, Facebook shared its vision of the future at its F8 conference. Forget the diet, quit the gym… we’re going virtual. From new VR product spaces to AR camera filters, we are all getting an upgrade. It’s Facebook’s world and we’re just living in it.

Just when you thought the people of Liverpool couldn’t despise the Sun newspaper any more, Kelvin MacKenzie stokes fresh controversy by comparing Everton FC player Ross Barkley to a gorilla. Kelvin has already been suspended by News UK, but with the Mayor of Liverpool reporting the columnist to the police over what he claims were racist comments, the consequences for the outspoken journalist could be career ending.

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