The Headliner podcast - 20/01/17

20th January 2017

Check out this week’s The Headliner, Eulogy’s analysis of the current news agenda and its implications for brands and organisations.

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He is the ultimate unavoidable on the news agenda, but is Donald Trump toxic to the brands that support him or a boon to businesses? Barely a week since his combative press conference about the dirty dossier, and now there’s claims Trump plans to ban press from the White House. Will social media suffice for the new president, or will he come to rue the day he went to war with the White House Press Corps?

Closer to home, Theresa May delivered her twelve-point plan for Brexit and unsurprisingly it was on the front page of all the papers. How much does her outfit and haircut matter in shaping these historic negotiations? Not an iota, but it didn’t stop the commentators, from making their observations.

The name’s Bond, Jane Bond. UK Government Communications Headquarters has come to the realisation that we need more female spies and has launched an initiative to recruit social media savvy schoolgirls. Laudable for sure, but is an exclusive in the Daily Telegraph the best way to reach teenage girls?

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