The Headliner podcast - 17/03/17

17th March 2017

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Katie Hopkins pays up, King Kong’s back and the Forestry Commission says to use a stick and flick it – episode 25

Facebook has just launched Messenger Day, a new messenger app to compete with Snapchat. But after its earlier attempts with Poke and Flyte flopped, have they nailed what the kids want? And will this iteration last more than 24 hours?

Silver screen legend King Kong is back and he’s got a mega marketing budget to boot. Currently on a monster rampage at the box office, will this latest Kong film be a roaring success or a thumping failure?

Scotland wants a divorce, things just aren’t working out and they’d like to see other people. Brace yourselves it’s looking like we’re going to have another referendum.

Food blogger Jack Monroe has won £24,000 damages, plus legal costs, in a libel action against columnist Katie Hopkins after a row over two tweets.

Is this high court ruling evidence of a change in what’s acceptable on social media? And is any fine punitive enough to make Katie Hopkins moderate her online behaviour?

Boaty McBoatface is setting off on its face maiden voyage. It’s an unmanned submersible but it is also a great example of what happens when you give the public free reign to vote on a new name. Bon voyage Boaty.

We end on a stinker of a story as we consider the latest advice from the forestry commission, who are advocating a stick and flick method for dealing with dog poop. With approximately eight million dogs in the UK, this is a sizeable issue that can’t be easily flushed away.

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