The Headliner podcast - 17/02/17

17th February 2017

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The shaming of Piers Morgan, implosion of PewdiePie, a crunchtime for crisps and reboot time for Nokia.


JK Rowling’s magic shames Morgan
Harry Potter fans and Piers Morgan enemies punched the air in victory this week as best-selling author; JK Rowling displayed her Twitter wizardry by tricking Morgan into making a complete fool of himself.


Alternative facts – the pot calls the kettle black
Theirs wasn’t the only battle, as Wikipedia banned the Daily Mail as a reliable news source. Should a small group of amateur editors at an internet encyclopaedia decide whether a nationally-regulated newspaper is credible?


A Hollywood-style murder
From fake news to a shocking story that is all too real. Kim Jong-nam was assassinated by poison in Malaysia’s main airport. The murder of North Korean leader Kim Jong-u’s half-brother seemed straight out of Hollywood, but was the Supreme Leader behind the hit?


Has Pewdiepie killed his career?
With more than 52 million subscribers and over 14 billion video views, YouTube’s biggest star, stage name PewDiePie, is a Millenial-targeting marketers dream. That dream turned nightmarish this week, was found to have published at least nine anti-Semitic videos.


Salt and Vinne-gar
The London Crisp Co. has hired Vinnie Jones in a bid to steal market share from market leader, Walkers. Will the goliath marketing machine of Walkers crunch the crispy start-up underfoot? Or will the box office appeal of Vinnie Jones sling the small company to a victory.


Calling from the past – a throwback makes a comeback
Remember a pre-emjoi world where your phone was for phone calls, sndg txts, and playing Snake? If nostalgia – and battery life, and a phone that doesn’t shatter when you look at it – is your thing, you’re in for a treat: Nokia re-launched the phone this week.


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