The Headliner podcast: Lots of crappy coffee, one big ship and the first Darren MP

30th June 2017

Lots of crappy coffee, one big ship and the first Darren to walk the corridors of power

After weeks of talks, Theresa May’s Conservatives and the Democratic Republic Party have reached a deal. But it comes with a hefty price tag ̶ £1bn pounds. Is it a bung? A bribe? Or a bonanza? More importantly, is this the final bill, or will the DUP’s support be something that keeps on costing?

Snapchat has a new map feature, which according to its marketing spiel is a ‘whole new way to explore the world!’. But child safety groups are worried about the risk of stalking and bullying if young users make their location public. Is Snapmap a super fun social media innovation, or a potentially scary stalker tracking tool?

What floats, is the size of three football pitches, has a dentist, a police office and a bakery? The new HMS Queen Elizabeth warship. Is the UK’s new sea base the pride of the Navy? Or is it a £6 billion blunder that should be scuttled?

It’s been 50 years since the installation of the first modern day cash machines in the UK ̶ we now withdraw billions from them each year. But are we moving towards a cashless future, or will lovely lucre be dolled out of machines for years to come?

A BBC Watchdog investigation has found traces of poo in iced coffee in branches of Starbucks, Costa and Caffé Nero. Stories like this are sure to turn your stomach and leave a bad taste in your mouth. But will the aversion linger? Has this unappetising finding put a dent in the reputation of the high street coffee giants?

First of his name, Darren Jones MP made a memorable speech to Parliament. Just how important is a name? Were Darren not called Darren, would his rousing speech still sound as sweet?