The Headliner podcast: Bras in the Tardis set the spin cycle to max, where we’re going there are no gender stereotypes

21st July 2017

Bras in the Tardis set the spin cycle to max, where we’re going there are no gender stereotypes

Writing in the FT, Lucy Kellaway has finally waved the white flag in her battle against corporate claptrap. After 25 years of trying she concedes the tide of BS will not be turned. Does it matter? Should we continue to campaign for clear, direct communication? And what the hell does ‘coffee forward’ mean anyway?

Lock up the pantry, defend the fridge and barricade the butter dish; there’s a dairy shortage. Butter prices have soared more than 20% as farmers struggle to cope with demand. How long before frantic shoppers are asking retailers if they’ve “got milk”?

When Kirsty Allsopp tweeted that keeping a washing machine in the kitchen was “disgusting”, she couldn’t have predicted it would get us all in a spin. Is it a question of hygiene, or a matter of class? Where should one wash one’s unmentionables? Is trawling twitter for celebrity tweets lazy journalism?

The Advertising Standards Authority is cracking down on stereotypically gendered advertising. Apparently, men are perfectly capable of loading the dishwasher and little girls can grow up to be things other than ballerinas. Who knew?

China has banned the bear, well one small honey-loving bear. Winnie the Pooh has been blocked on Chinese social networks after bloggers had been drawing attention to similarities between Winnie and China’s president, Xi Jinping. Which animated characters do our leading politicians most resemble?

The 13th Doctor will be a woman. While many fans of the “Whoniverse” were over the moon, others considered it unthinkable that a time travelling alien, who regularly changes body, would regenerate into a female. Social media has seen a storm of funny retorts, but is this casting a victory for feminism or a betrayal of the Doctor Who canon? Most importantly of all, will the new Doctor be equipped with a sonic screwdriver?