The Headliner podcast: It’s getting hot in here, so hot in here! So stay hydrated

23rd June 2017

It’s getting hot in here, so hot in here! So stay hydrated 


The UK experienced a heatwave this week, with the hottest day in June for 40 years. Royal Ascot considered relaxing its dress code, the TUC urged employers to let staff ditch suits during the hot weather and trains were delayed by the wrong kind of sun on the tracks. Rain or shine, we Brits love to gripe about the weather.

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster? No, it’s the ground shaking under the march of retailer goliath Amazon. UK supermarkets were left quaking in their boots when it was announced that Amazon had bought Whole Foods. Are bricks and mortar supermarkets scuppered? Will Amazon achieve total grocery domination?

Where we’re going we don’t need labels. M&S announced plans to laser the barcode and sell by dates into the skin of avocados. A headline grabbing PR stunt? Or is this the innovative alternative to labelling of the future? More importantly, what other fresh produce will the laser work on?  Can you laser the best before date on to a kumquat?

Forget helping to buy your railcard and a cake on your birthday, Glassdoor has revealed the most quirky and outlandish perks employers are offering their staff. From puppy leave to secret holidays, companies are going all out to prove they value their staff. But does having an office sauna really attract talent?

Parents in New Zealand were in the dog house after a ‘Scooby Snacks’ mix up. Confusion was caused by the cartoon character on the packaging which made it look like a tasty treat for children, but inside was dog food. This is not the first time packaging has caused confusion. Were the parents to blame? Or did the supermarket put the snacks in the wrong isle? And just how tasty are dog treats?!