The Headliner podcast: Hackers hit the NHS, Lumley hits a bum note and McDonald’s latest advert leaves a bad taste

19th May 2017

Hackers hit the NHS, Lumley hits a bum note and McDonald’s latest advert leaves a bad taste



The NHS was crippled by hackers, but who dunit? Was it North Korea? The Americans? The Russians? No one knows for sure, but everyone has been quick to the point the finger. Thank heavens for Marcus Hutchins, a 22 year old surfer from Poole, whose computer wizardry saved the day.

Also online this week, Theresa May did her first live Facebook Q&A. The public responded with a flurry of angry emojis and strangely a flutter of flowers. But was this really the way to engage voters? Or just another political stunt? And did a certain Jeremy from Islington, steal May’s moment?

Moors murderer Ian Brady died on Tuesday, having never revealed the location of Keith Bennett’s remains, but the nation’s fascination with monsters and all things morbid lives on.

Quit the diet and throw out the veg box. It’s tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and whole grains that are making us fat. Or rather the lectin in plants that’s doing the damage according to a new book by Dr Steven Gundry. Nothing it seems is safe to eat. Pass the lard, I’m going lectin free.

This year’s Bafta speeches made the headlines for more than one reason. The BBC cut off Damilola Taylor’s father’s emotional knife crime plea. Should acceptance speeches be kept light and anecdotal? Or are they a powerful platform for pressing issues? And the legendary Joanna Lumley showed her unique perspective on the industry when accepting an award for long-standing contribution.

Finally a McDonald’s advert left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, getting scores of complaints that it had exploited child bereavement. Brands may want to strike an cord, but it essential that their efforts to connect are not felt as emotional manipulation.