New Year, new me

By Becky Tanner Rolf

9th January 2017

It’s 9.45pm on December 31st and across the country people are stuffing their faces with the final dregs of mince pies, cheese and chocolate orange. Through a mouthful of trifle and chocolate coins we splutter, ‘this is the last of it. New year, new me.’

January arrives and if we weren’t suffering enough from a sugar comedown and bacon bloat, the tabloids pleasantly remind us how fat and lazy we all are, and how desperately we need to change our lives. It’s okay though, because you made the commute and only fainted once thanks to your singular blueberry for breakfast.  But alas, now you must fight the office onslaught of fellow New Year do-gooders, reminding you of how you’ve poisoned your body for the last 10 days, while you hunch over your laptop unable to recover from your 5 am yoga class.


Now I’m all for self-improvement, I’m sure even Mother Theresa found herself turning down a hobnob in the name of moderation, but this tour de force of guilt is too much. We shouldn’t feel like we have to drastically change just because we’ve spent a small fortune on a fancy new diary. What’s more, if the media and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Instagram account aren’t making us feel bad enough, we’re doing it to each other at work, at home and on social media. A simple dinner with friends has become a minefield of free-from needs and juice-cleanse requirements. Eating carbs in January is officially a cardinal sin.

January shouldn’t be a reason to starve ourselves and question why we aren’t all adopting stray dogs and picking up litter. Sure a fresh start is a great time to reassess, but why not try and revise rather than change? Do something for you, rather than what the latest fad demands.  Let’s be honest 2016 was a pretty bleak year, we certainly deserve a treat.

This year why not make a resolution to do something that makes you and those around you a little happier? Do something selfless, it doesn’t have to be a baked bean bath or a charity run. There are plenty of ways you can help those around you, like Magic Me’s Cocktails in Care Homes scheme, where volunteers host a monthly cocktail party in care homes. Find a way to get off the sofa and get your heart rate up that you don’t find a chore, like the Secret London Runs, uncovering the capitals best kept secrets.  Last but not least be nicer to your friends, families, colleagues and yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for polishing off that entire camembert and don’t judge your friend when they do. Be a real pal, grab some bread and get in there too.