Osborne has a new part time job! (Tell that to Sarah Sands)

By Emily Slee

17th March 2017

It was announced this morning that George Osborne will be editing London Evening Standard… and Twitter lost its cool.

Starting in mid-May, Osborne does not intend to give up his job as MP for Tatton, instead doing both jobs: MP-ing in the afternoon and editing in the morning. People are having a few things to say about that.

Osborne’s journalistic background has also been called into question. His glittering career includes being rejected from The Times’s trainee scheme, freelancing for The Daily Telegraph’s Peterborough Diary, a political gossip column, and getting an interview for a job at The Economist (he didn’t get it).
Cue sarcastic tweets.

His future as Tatton’s MP is also under scrutiny: the Cheshire constituency is 200 miles away from the Evening Standard’s South Kensington offices. Evgeny Lebedev’s description of Osborne as “London through and through” was also a bit of a twist of the knife for the 65,000 people he has been representing for 16 years.

The next few months will be telling, but if George is successful, he could bring a more left-leaning political stance to the paper, than outgoing editor, Sarah Sands.

It’s been interesting to watch the media reaction to the latest career development of a politician. How one moves into editing a major newspaper whilst still occupying a political position is causing much debate. The weekend’s press are bound to be full of analysis and comment, and we can expect social media to explode a little more before the hysteria subsides. Crossing the divide from politics to journalism proper is one thing. But standing with one leg in each camp is bound to be an uncomfortable stretch.