Biofabrication’s next big thing

The Spark

22nd June 2017

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Innovators have discovered how to grow leather jackets in the lab. With the United National Industrial Development Organisation valuing the global economy for leather products at roughly £78 billion per year, cruelty free leather could become big business.

Pioneers of eco-friendly fabrics, outdoor apparel and equipment brands Patagonia and The North Face have teamed up with biofabrication companies Spiber and Bolt, respectively. The North Face Moon Parka was woven with Spiber’s cruelty-free spider silk. It creates fabric proteins by combining sugar, salt and fermented yeast cells—a sharp jacket created in a way not too dissimilar to a pint of Doom Bar. On the heels of the outdoor innovators, Adidas have manufactured a pair of faux-spider silk shoes. Presumably, the arachnid-inspired trainers will be sold in quadruplets instead of pairs. Here on The Spark team at Eulogy, we’re happy to help you stay fashionable – as well as being on the right side of PETA.


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