Behind the Headlines: solving the tech talent crisis

14th June 2017

Solving the tech talent crisis

Is our nation hurtling towards the least innovative era in its proud history? Technology companies are increasingly concerned that we are — and it’s not for want of ambition, investment or progression.

So, what is holding us back?

In the first of a new series from Eulogy, Phil Borge and Chloe Redfern delve deep into the challenge of recruitment in the tech sector. Together, they look behind the headlines to ask industry leaders how to attract top talent to their businesses when demand is so at odds with supply.

In their quest, they meet Matt Soane, general manager, Ocado Technology and Luke Coleman, senior tech talent partner at Argos who discuss their strategies for recruiting a new generation of developers and engineers. Borge and Redfern turn also to Mark Di-Toro, senior PR manager, Glassdoor, for a candid assessment of the shrinking talent pool and how to win its attention.