Behind the headlines - International Directors: Brexit view from the boardroom

23rd June 2017

International Directors: Brexit view from the boardroom

Negotiations to agree Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union officially got underway this week, as we hit the one-year-anniversary since the Referendum decision. The hope of course, is that these negotiations deliver the kind of confident, pro-business environment that has culminated in the UK being one of the most celebrated, successful and internationally diverse centres in the world for business.

This diversity is to be celebrated, which is why Eulogy was keen to harness the views of a significant, yet untapped demographic on the issue of Brexit; non-British nationals working as company directors in the UK. Our International Directors Study was born.

In this edition of Behind the Headlines, we explore the findings of our research with Elliott Haworth, business features writer at City AM, Bindi Karia, dubbed the ‘queen of start-ups’ and an innovation expert who sits on multiple Advisory Boards aligned with the tech sector, and entrepreneur Nikolay Piriankov, CEO and founder of jewellery firm Taylor & Hart, selling custom diamond rings online, with innovation and tech at the heart of the business.

Will they agree with the 81 per cent of non-British directors in UK business who appear indifferent towards the EU, citing Britain’s divorce as an opportunity for their business? Furthermore, will Britain’s departure culminate in the disintegration of the EU entirely, as 84 per cent of respondents suggest?