23 years and still going strong

Eulogy is an independent communications agency, with a proven, award-winning pedigree in consumer, b2b and corporate PR consultancy. We combine big, creative ideas with sound strategy and media nous.

We have an expertise gained over our 23 years in this industry, rooted in a complete passion for the media world in which we live – be that print, digital, broadcast or anything in between. And because communications today is more than words, we help our clients create visually interesting and shareable content that drives audience engagement.

We work with some of the biggest brands and businesses in the UK, alongside some of the country’s newest and most dynamic start-ups. Why don’t you get to know us a little better? Give us a bell anytime – 020 3077 2000.

We're fun people

Whoever said work was not a place to make friends, clearly never worked at Eulogy. We’re a very social bunch.

We’re also creative, ambitious and we get stuff done. We tell the truth, have a sharp wit and we know how to have fun. Oh, and we love cake.

We’re pretty diverse, in every sense. We welcome people from all backgrounds, all educations, all countries. We even have two Kiwis.

If you think it sounds like a place you’d like to work, then get in touch. We’re always on the hunt for talented and creative people. Who can bake.